Review of the Realme Watch 3 Budget Smartwatch The Perfect Affordable Smartwatch, Especially for Calling

Review of the Realme Watch 3 Budget Smartwatch The Perfect Affordable Smartwatch, Especially for Calling: Realme’s first smartwatch was called “Realme Watch,” and it came out in 2020. Two years later, Realme Watch 3 was released. It is the follow-up to the Realme Watch 2 and has a 1.8-inch, 240286-pixel color screen. The smartwatch can also track your heart rate and SpO2 all the time. The Realme Watch 3 also has built-in speakers and microphones, which make it possible to make Bluetooth calls right from the smartwatch.

Realme Watch 3 Display

The Realme Watch 3 has a beautiful TFT display with a resolution of 240286 pixels and a size of 1.8 inches. It has enough space on the screen to make it easy to read information and use all fitness-related features. The 500 nits of maximum brightness make it easy to see notifications, the time, and health information in most lighting conditions.

Even though the Realme Watch 3 has a TFT LCD, the colors and viewing angles are pretty good. The cheap smartwatch also doesn’t have a light sensor to keep the price down. That means you’ll have to manually change the brightness level based on where you are.

Realme Watch 3 Design

With its metal frame and curved back cover, the Realme Watch 3 looks high-end and stylish. It has a 2.5D curved 1.8-inch screen that looks great and feels good on the wrist. It has a light body (40g) and soft 22mm silicone straps that can be taken off. The smartwatch is rated IP68, which means it should be resistant to damage from water.

The bezels on all four sides of the square dial are noticeably bigger. But the large screen on the Realme Watch 3 makes up for the large bezels. On the side of the dial is a single physical button that can be used for multiple things. This button lets you access settings and returns to the homepage. Besides that, you will also see a small microphone. The speaker is on the other side of the dial, which fits well with the smartwatch’s design.

The Realme Watch 3 runs on a custom-made operating system, and the Realme Link app that goes with it works with both Android and iOS. You can see your activity data, notifications, and more with a simple swipe to the left. You can also change the look and feel of the watch, and the Realme Link app lets you choose from more than 100 watch faces. But the watch can also store up to 4 different watch faces that can be changed by holding the face and swiping.

The best thing about the Realme Watch 3 is that you can make phone calls right from it. You will have a lot of choices, such as call history, frequently called numbers, and the dial pad. This feature is very helpful when driving a car or riding a scooter. Aside from that, the watch’s interface is pretty smooth, and I didn’t notice any lag or delay when scrolling through the menu or notifications.

The Realme Link app lets your phone and watch talk to each other. It’s easy to use the app. This app makes it easy to find information about your activities and health. The app also has a few good ways to make it your own. We had no trouble syncing the watch’s data with our phone or connecting it to our phone. This smartwatch can’t reply to messages, which is the only thing it can’t do.

Realme Watch 3 Fitness & Health Monitoring

The Realme Watch 3 is a smartwatch that is focused on fitness. The watch has more than 110 sports modes, like running outside, yoga, cycling, golf, boxing, and more. The watch can also keep track of your heart rate throughout the day. It can also keep an eye on your SpO2 and stress levels. When I used it normally, the health tracking was pretty accurate. The watch also keeps track of your sleep, which I think works fine. Like other smartwatches in this price range, the Realme Watch 3 can remind you to drink water regularly.

Realme Watch 3 Battery life

Realme says that its battery can last for up to 7 days. Since we’ve been using this watch for a while, we think a single charge could easily last 5 to 6 days. This is with the watch connected to the phone, notifications turned on, and heart rate monitoring on all the time.


At Rs 3,499, the Realme Watch 3 is a smartwatch that gives you good value for your money. It looks great, has an easy-to-use interface, many workout modes, a long-lasting battery, and, most importantly, a great Bluetooth calling feature. So, if you are on a limited budget and want a simple smartwatch that lets you make calls, you should get the new Realme Watch 3.

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