How To Use Whatsapp Voice Message Preview before you hit send

How To Use Whatsapp Voice Message Preview before you hit ‘send’: WhatsApp has several excellent features, a few of which are simple to find and some harder to find. One of our personal favorites is the ability to ramp up voice notes. Let’s face it, sometimes you want a story to be told a little faster, like when you’re short on time, and your buddy tells you what color socks they wore that morning.

How To Use Whatsapp Voice Message Preview before you hit send

You can read about all of our best WhatsApp tips in a separate article, but here we’ll focus on previewing a voice note when you send it, even if it’s so that you have to listen to it the same way the recipient will. Early in December 2021, an update to the Facebook-owned messenger app added the ability to listen to a voice message before sending it. We’re going to be telling you how to do it because it’s not very clear.

  • Step 1: To use WhatsApp Web, open an internet browser and search for
  • Step 2: Then, open WhatsApp on your phone and tap the menu with three dots in the top right corner. In 2023, India will get the Fisker Ocean, an American electric SUV.
  • Step 3: Now, swab the “Link a Device” button to utilize WhatsApp Web on your laptop.
  • Step 4: After that, you’ll need to confirm the process by entering your PIN, and then you’ll need to scan the QR code on your web browser.

How to use WhatsApp’s Voice Message Preview

You’ll need WhatsApp version 2.21.240 or later to be able to listen to voice notes before sending them. Make sure WhatsApp is up to date by going to the App Store or the Google Play Store.

After that, do these things to listen to a voice note before sending it:

  1. Open a chat with the person you want to send a voice note to. Click the microphone button to correct the message field in the bottom right corner.
  2. Swipe your thumb up to capture your voice note without using your hands.
  3. At the bottom of your screen, a stop button will appear. Tap on it.
  4. This will stop the voice note and show you a preview of it.
  5. Click the “Play” button beside the voice note to hear it again.
  6. Tap the trash can icon in the lower left corner to get rid of it.
  7. Or, you can send your voice note by tapping the blue directional arrow in the bottom right corner.

Once you push the stop button and see the preview of the voice note, you can’t pick up where you left off or change it. You can send it or get rid of it. If you are required to maintain listening, you’ll have to start over.

How To Make A Voice Message Go Faster Playback

You can also speed up voice message playback by doing the steps below.

  • First, click Play to hear voice messages you’ve sent or received.
  • Then, listen to what is being said.
  • While the message is being played, you can press the 1x icon to make it go 1.5x or 2x faster.

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